Meet Melanie

    Melanie Clampit CHT, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator

Melanie Clampit is the creator of Radiant Embrace and host of Access the Bay with Melanie, a weekly radio program designed to inspire and contribute to the expansion of consciousness and Being the space of infinite possibilities.

Melanie’s Radiant embrace is the space of kindness, gentleness, and no judgment that transforms. With the energy of the radiant embrace and the tools and processes of Access Consciousness, Melanie invites and inspires people to more consciousness from total allowance, caring, humor, and a phenomenal knowing.

“My target is to both embody and inspire others to step up and unleash the potency, knowing, and gentleness that will create a world and a reality free of judgement and limitation”.

                         What Else is Possible?

    How can I contribute to you?

What if it is easier and more fun than you could ever imagine to change anything in your life?